The Human Factor

The most common suggestion I had from seasoned photographers, professionals, is “shoot what you love”. I’m listening to “My Baby Put Me Down” played by the amazing John Lee Hooker and I cannot help myself but smiling at the irony…

Photography is about freezing a moment, an action, an image in time, to preserve in stillness an emotion known only to us. When you “see” a picture, you’re attracted by something you cannot really define, yet it’s there, catching your total attention. If you’re good enough, it will be an amazing photo, if not, well, it definitely won’t be a bad one.

I was reviewing my work of the past year, trying to assemble some kind of portfolio, a “marinated” critique of my photography. After browsing a while my lightroom collections, I started rating, a thing I’ve never done. I’ve never been a good judge of myself, I subconsciously underestimate my work. I always strive for excellence and that doesn’t help. It’s not good enough until it’s perfect.

Well, considering perfection doesn’t exist, it’s quite a challenge. I tried to compromise, to reach a better detachment without success. So, out of 5555 (I swear, it’s the true count) pictures taken in the last 2 years, I have a selection of around 10 photos.

90% of those are portraits of my wife. That’s why you won’t ever see them, not because they’re NSFW, just because she asked me not to show them.

I realized why they’re so good, it’s not personal involvement, it’s love transpiring all over. It’s the human factor, when we are moved by something or someone, we’re able to find that extra % which makes us do better.

The spectrum of emotions is so wide that I’m sure I will be able to be moved by something else, thus capturing amazing pictures of many other subjects.

My advice for all of you is the same, go capture emotions, shoot what you love.



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