The Missing One

A few days ago I published my film camera collection and the group picture was missing one very important camera. The reason is that I don’t have all my cameras in one place 🙂

I travel a lot, between my hometown and Paris, where I’m trying to settle. My wife works there and I cannot bear to live apart, so I’m slowly moving my stuff.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much room in Paris (bloody rent…) so I’m keeping only few cameras there, actually those I use to shoot, while collection items stay in Italy.

Obviously, my Leica and lenses always travel with me 🙂

I chose to keep medium format in Paris because it’s the place where I feel better shooting a big noisy camera, despite the fact French people are not that inclined to pose for pictures. Really.

Funnily enough, a big camera like this attracts attention and interest, so it’s not such a bad thing wandering around with a big camera around your neck. Not in my bag, because it doesn’t fit 😉

I was thinking about another bag shot when I realized my medium format bag is just the camera, equipped with either 80mm or 150mm, based on my mood of the day.

Mamiya 645 SuperWhat I shoot then? Well, while I have always some Tri-X in my fridge, I’m quite fond of Acros in 120, as much as I despised it in 135 format. I don’t know why the opposite feelings, but I cannot get same results in 135 as I do in 120. Acros has a very fine grain and exceptional resolving power. I use the same development, but apparently it’s not enough. So I stick with the amazing Silvermax in 135 and save Acros for this 645. Many prefer the 645 AF versions, maybe because you can use digital backs, I don’t know.

My heart is for this plastic gem, light enough for all day carrying. It suits me well and it’s an unparalleled source of fun.


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