The curse of sharing

I’m not there yet. I haven’t sold any picture, nor I’ve been featured anywhere. I don’t even have a portfolio. That’s a long time work in progress…

Still, I publish my pictures here on my blog and on a few photo sharing websites.

Unsatisfied by Flickr, I avoided Smugmug to settle with 500px, which I believe the best photo sharing site around. I published a few pictures, got some feedback, that’s it.

I got back to Flickr when it opened to 1Tb, very good for personal backup, but definitely not for showing one’s work.

Publishing is a curse: you quickly become addicted to feedbacks, as if a good comment could make your pictures better. It’s understandable, we all look for recognition, but I can’t help but feel some Instagram echo… Pictures voted, faved, liked, commented just because were vomiting colors or doped with clarity and vibrance crank up. Or just “Nik’ed” definitely too much.

My published pictures are mediocre at best, and I published them mostly to remind myself which is my skill level. Sharing is a cathartic process: you finally let go of a picture you had for long into the “maybe list” (which for is 3 stars in Lightroom).

I have some four stars, I think less than a dozen, and no five. Why? Because Lightroom’s rating has only five, so a five stars would be rated in my mind a “Steve McCurry” quality (there are not enough stars to rate HCB quality pictures – not that Steve isn’t great, just not as much as HCB in my personal preferences).

I will always have a mote of happiness when I see a “pulse” (in 500px jargon) higher than zero, but I can’t help but frown when I see other’s work getting high pulses totally unmerited. It’s not personal, I feel it totally unfair for real photographers, whose pictures really are worth.


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