Eternal sunshine of the photographer’s mind

Being a photographer, regardless you’re a professional or amateur, is amazing.

Photography opens your mind to the world, pushes you to see it different, paint it any color you like, teaches you not to give anything for granted.

Then, because a photographer is a curious, perceptive, voyeuristic individual, boredom prevails and forces to start back anew.

My journey is far from the end, I’m excited how much I can learn. Despite how little are my progresses, I see them in my pictures. Is it frustrating? Sometimes, yes. But I don’t give up.

There are moments where GAS gets me, because I’m lazy. It’s true that having an instrument that fits you perfectly is an unparalleled advantage, but it should not induce laziness in your work. I did a full round: I began carrying two SLR and several lenses, then I went to rangefinders to reduce the weight, resulting into a bag full of different cameras instead of lenses.

I forced myself to clean the slate, get out with a single camera, simpler is better. It worked. Painful but working, because my mind always wondered to what I COULD shoot, instead of what I had in front of me. It may be frustrating to “see” a shot and miss it because you don’t have the tool to get it. But is even more rewarding to deconstruct it and rebuild it with what you have.

Yesterday I had a perfect 21mm shot in front of me, but I didn’t have a wide angle. Nonetheless my first thought was “oh shoot, I should have a 21mm”. Then, I took a breath, calmed down and focused on how to take a different one, with 35mm I had. Turned out better than the original…

Nowadays, I carry only one body at a time and two lenses. I use the same focal lengths with each camera. I get out with an half empty bag.

Still, I’m not done filling my bag, I know, but I feel less pressure to do so.

I take better pictures. I cleaned up my preconceptions, put myself in a more zen-like mindset. I’m happy, that’s what really counts 🙂



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