GAS is gone

My wife cured my GAS syndrome. The moment I received my Elmarit 28mm, I felt complete. Seriously, now I have a system that “just works”.

I don’t need anything else, I have a simple Leica bag. I still carry 3 lenses, which is redundant, as two are 50mm, but it doesn’t add much weight anyway. Two M bodies, one for color, one for B&W. Depending which body I’m using, I have  28mm and 50mm or 35mm and 70mm. One FF body and a 1,33 crop can be really useful, when combined together.

I’ve been quite busy for the last couple of weeks, two weddings in a row 🙂 I had quite some time to test the setup and I can’t be more satisfied.

As much as a 50mm is good for almost all situations, I’ve found that a little more reach is quite useful.

It’s a bloody expensive setup.. well, relatively expensive, for a leicaman is next to nothing, for me it’s a huge investment. It took me more than a year to get here, but what a result! I can finally shoot without worrying about anything but composing! Sure, shooting at night is challenging, especially because I shoot ISO 160-320 on digital and Silvermax (ISO100) or Tri-X (ISO400) on film.

I put together my system thinking about B&W first, with a choice for color. Film developing in both France and Italy has become totally unaffordable, and I can

‘t find a way to develop C-41 at home. I’m really envious of HK or US shooters, because they can shoot film only quite easily, while here is a pain…

Then the choice to find a good occasion, which came up only a few weeks ago. I pondered whether to get it or not, but eventually I knew it would came home with me 🙂

Dynamic Duo

That’s funny, I’ve never bonded with M9. I still don’t, it looks like I can’t get images I like. Apparently, the older M8 has a characteristic film-like look and it’s way better shooting B&W. That so long criticized limitation (near lack of IR filter) is now a great strength. Well, you can’t pump up to ISO 10000 like with a Monochrom, but tonal range is quite amazing. I can easily get the same look as M6+TriX combination, with a little preset I’ve made for Lightroom.

And I have to admit that color is quite something as well…


I’ve never been that busy on summer, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to shoot, but I promise to get back with some interesting posts, because I want to push the limits and see what I can get from this little duo. Stay tuned!



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