My second Monochrom

I have two Leica Monochrom.  Not Leica MM, just two of the best monochrom tools available.

M6 and Tri-X, an historical combination. I’m a huge fan of Tri-X: I shot T-Max, Neopan, HP5, Delta. None matched the look of Tri-X using stand development. T-Max 100 and Fuji Acros have finer grain, but it takes dedicated development.

M8 without IR filter, with a touch of Lightroom. I shoot with an leitz orange filter and I use a preset to get the Tri-X look.

Don’t cheat: which is which?

I carry three lenses, but I could easily decide to leave one home. I tend to keep a Elmarit 28 on the M8 unless I need a wider angle. Canon LTM 50 is almost glued to the M6, but I’ve recently used it very successfully on the M8. I really love the look and B&W conversion is nothing but gorgeous. Who needs a Monochrom?

Obviously I cannot do better than ISO 640 on M8 or ISO3200 (Tri-X pushed 2 stops) on M6, but until now I never needed much more.

I shoot mostly in available daylight, which is perfect for those two. If I need to shoot in low light I have to get “creative”, but it doesn’t matter, that’s the fun part 🙂



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