A Rainy Day

What can you do (photography-wise) during a rainy day? Considering there is no such thing as weather-sealed Leica?

I don’t know about digital shooters, but I spend quite some time developing my film. It has certain advantages: humidity increase does a pretty good job of limiting dust, so I can hang my film in places with more space than my shower 😉

I stand develop all my negatives, so I can justify turning on TV and watch a couple of movies. I can write several posts, like this one for example, in case I don’t have internet connection during holidays.

There are a lot of things you can do in a rainy day. Even clean your lenses, CLA, DYI stuff…

Rain is a sleep inducer, it keeps you in bed, and we could benefit from it, to slide into a more relaxed state of mind, useful to concentrate on boring tasks such as image sorting, tagging and whatnot.

So, now I have a few rolls drying and radio playing Rain. Happy rainy day, then…


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