Playing tourist in Paris – Part 2

I admit that I begin to like it. Playing tourist, pretend that I’m not local 😉 Actually I’m not, technically I won’t be able to request citizenship for a year and a half, but every place here has become familiar so that I don’t feel tourist anymore. I’m settled, more or less 🙂

Anyway, I had a couple of hours to spend while waiting for my wife near Concorde, so I decided to walk around a little, with both M6 and M8 in my bag.

I’m using less the M6 as I don’t have a scanner here. I shoot a little more the M8+Elmarit 28 combo to have a few pictures to post. I already developed a few rolls though, and I keep shooting. I’m not working much on the pictures from the M8 as well, I like to keep the same attitude with both cameras. I’m keeping all photos on SD and post from the online flickr backup. I will let them marinate and review accurately both film and digital next month.

I began from the Madeleine Church. It’s a big church that looks like a roman temple, on the opposite side of Concorde square, a twin to the French Parliament (Assemblee Nationale).

From the church you can see the Parliament on the other side…

Place de la Concorde is a square with an obelisk in the middle. It was a gift to France from Egypt, directly from the temple of Luxor.

I spare the photo cliché, I shot a more interesting subject walking around it:

This is quite a weird earpiece… Phone directly attached to the ear 🙂

After an heavy lunch I was debated where to go, but I thought a walk on Champs-Elysées would help me digest it 😉

There is a lot of people, too much for my taste… I didn’t find any interesting subject besides a number of people with big cameras taking tourist pictures…

I will try again, maybe before lunch 😉


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