Back to the roots

I’m still scanning my summer rolls, around 10 left. I had fun shooting, but I ultimately realized that I need to go back to the basics. I mean, zon system and sunny 16 basics.

Even though I’ve become a lot better at guessing exposure, I’ve missed a serious amount of pictures. It’s imperative to focus on composition, but not at expense of all the rest.

Lesson learned, I hope, so that’s why for a while my two M will stay home. I need training, and the newly acquired OM fits perfectly for that.

The spot meter function is helping me a lot to get conscious of lighting, something that regular center-weighted exposure cannot do.

Furthermore, I’m planning to focus on a single photographic task each time, starting from basic lines, up to layered composition, just like any training schedule. I’ve got two trips ahead, California and Caribbean, and I want to be ready.


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