Bring your pictures with you

As you can tell looking at my bag, I travel as light as possible. I use Billingham Hadley Small, which has enough room for my two Leica and another lens. I carry just a few filters, a lens pen and a couple of spare film rolls. There is not enough room for an iPad, just a 7″ tablet.

When traveling, I don’t really like to carry my heavy Macbook Pro. I got spoiled when I shifted from SLR to rangefinder, reducing my bag weight enormously. So I don’t feel like carrying a laptop at all. In that compartment, I just use a chromebook, as I don’t need anything else.

Still, sometimes I need to show my pictures. Shooting a lot of film, I had two options: carry some prints or bring a laptop/tablet to show scans.

Both seemed very impractical, so I tried to figure out another viable solution. Google came to help, with DNG support in G+ Photos.

The moment you buy a Chromebook you get 115 Gb of storage, which is quite a lot. Combine that and DNG support and you realize that you can just export copies of scans and files from M8 directly to a Google Drive folder and have a quick preview immediately available in your private Google+ Photos section.

At home, Lightroom takes care of organizing my photos, moving best ones to a folder shared on Google Drive. It clogs up a little my Internet connection, but I have access to my pictures everywhere.

There is a drawback (there always is): you’re sharing originals, OOC files or scans. If you’re a heavy Photoshopper, that forces you to export copies, which requires more space. I prefer to limit retouching at minimum, so it’s not a real problem for me.



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