Ultimate M8 Lens

Here we are again, talking about gear. Lenses, to be precise.

All the people out there with an M8 know about framelines not as accurate as they should be. Apparently, film cameras are long forgotten for Leica, as both M8 and M9 suffer from framelines lack of accuracy.

I personally don’t like post processing my photos, I do it only when it’s absolutely necessary, so inaccurate framelines means cropping.

In my case it means that cannot 100% trust my M8 to capture exactly what I see, unless I compensate. There is only one lens that fits perfectly: Summicron-C 40mm f/2.

Made by Leica for the tiny CL and CLE, which is not a real Leica as it was made by Minolta, its FoV matches perfectly the 35mm framelines on a M8.

Problem is that it automatically brings up 50mm framelines and it has a totally custom filter thread, which requires dedicated lenses. Silver lining is that it’s as good as the current Summicron 50 or 35 type IV (with better bokeh).

Some people solve the first issue by filing the flange to bring up 35mm framelines. Nothing much to do for the second issue.

But there is a way better alternative, which involves giving up Leica name and go for Minolta. M-Rokkor, they call it.

Minolta made his own lens for the CLE, but it’s an almost identical copy of the Summicron-C. Same optics, same design, different filter thread!! Minolta was very smart and chose a 40.5mm standard thread 🙂

You can imagine how happy I was when I managed to get hold of a mint Minolta M-Rokkor 40mm f/2 🙂

As I already explained in my previous post, you can get on Ebay a replacement flange for any Leica or Voigtlander lens for coding. Luckily Minolta did not change screw position on this one!

Just get a 35mm flange and replace the original one and voilĂ , the ultimate M8 lens.

PS: As you can see in this picture I still have 50mm framelines selected because I ordered the flange but it’s not there yet. I will update this post as soon as I have the lens properly coded.


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