Holidays ahead

A year has passed since my last trip to the beautiful Caribbean. Soon I will be there again, visiting my dear brother 🙂

As usual, the closer it gets the more I feel torn about what to bring. Choices to make, pals. Tough choices.

First of all, I’m debated about bringing film. I know it sounds blasphemy, but last year’s experience with film and hot sun was not good. My best shots came from the little X100 and St. Martin calls for panorama shots.

For now the best candidate bag has M8 with 28-40-50 (or just 28-40) and X100, the latter for night and panorama shots. Last year I brought M6 with Summicron 50, X100 and the little Ricoh GR1s. I also had a Lubitel with a tripod for night long exposures. I did not use them much, only X100 was in my backpack. I took more shots with my wife’s Canon G11 (underwater).

This year I want to concentrate more on shooting and less on gear. That’s why I might even leave home with just an all-around 35mm focal length (M8+Elmarit and X100). It’s not really my preferred, but it will be versatile enough to avoid me losing time with gear.

I want this vacation to be about fun, not gear stress. Let’s see how it goes 🙂

Caribbean Sunset Bay


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