Thank You Fuji!

I love surprises.

Photography market is weird, not very much like the rest of electronic consumer world. There is still some space for great surprises.

Last year I had a great gift from my wife, the amazing Fuji X100. While bashed by many for slow AF and useless MF it was a gem, with a peculiar IQ and image rendering that very much looked like film. I love that look, as film is my format of choice, despite recent “digital only” shooting.

When X100S was released, all my hopes of new firmware for X100 vanished. Why improve the old model when you can push users to upgrade?

Then, a few days ago I couldn’t believe I was reading a Fuji announcement about new X100 firmware (v2.0) with AF/MF improvement and focus peaking. I had to read several times the news before convincing myself it was X100 and not X100S…

I will test the new firmware during my Caribbean trip and see if all my requests (and not just mines, as tons of X100 owners had the same) have been answered.

Long live X100!

X100 Gaffer Black


One response

  1. Just shows you that Fuji listens to it’s customers. Not many companies do that nowadays.

    October 30, 2013 at 21:05