There are times…

…when, no matter how hard you try, you can’t do what you want. When you’re caught in the thousands of little daily problems that drive you away from your passions.

October has been a difficult month, I almost haven’t shot a picture, and worst of all, not a single roll of film. I miss that a lot, and I’m counting days that remains before a well deserved holiday.

My job revolves around video, not stills. That’s why it has been a photography drought.

On the other hand, October has been also a month of good news, not for the present but for the future.

First, a week ago Fuji revived the amazing X100. Before that, Panasonic presented a new version of the 20mm f/1.7, which was already an outstanding lens (giving me a good idea for a Christmas gift). Meanwhile, I was lucky to acquire an M-Rokkor 40mm and an almost mint Olympus OM-4. Project P is growing little by little (although almost all lenses that I got for it have been moved to my wife’s OM-D).

So, it’s not just bad news, no need to be sad. Think positive and go ahead!



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