A new life

The day I bought my M8 something began lingering in the back of my head. I love shooting film, why do I need another digital camera? I had an X100 already…

Good question, and the answer was pretty much straightforward, that is “sell the X100”. BUT the X100 is more than just a camera, it’s a precious gift, which allowed me to take plenty of good pictures, despite all the issues.

A couple of days ago I wrote about the outstanding news from Fuji, regarding the new X100 firmware. As you can imagine, the camera stayed, even if collecting a little dust in a closet.

Now I finally upgraded and I really believe this should have been the v1.0 – not an upgrade 2 years later. Well, from the commercial standpoint, Fuji used leverage from X100 limitations to push further a new X100S, which is an amazing camera, so that many X100 owners could upgrade and live in peace šŸ™‚

I’m among those X100 owners that didn’t. Partly due to the M8, but also because I don’t really like the new sensor. I’m too attached to film look, that’s why. M8 has that look. X100 has that look. Those two are the only digital cameras I’d happily go out shooting with, leaving home my dear M6. Which I’m going to do, by the way, for two weeks in the Caribbean.

Last year I had a few issues with film and since this is most likely my last visit I want something more reliable. Now, this digital couple is going to get stressed into a deep comparison, as now X100 is a real camera. Finally manual focusing is usable, and peaking works as expected. I’m not as fast as with any M, but very close (no cheating with focus lock button).

X100 has now a new life, so if anyone has the chance to find one, now it’s the time to get it.

PS: I removed the black tape, I missed the retro style šŸ™‚



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