Deep in the Caribbean – The beginning

We landed and it was calm, a little cloudy. It takes a little while to flip the switch and adjust to the rhythm, but once you do, everything changes.

I love it here, the people and their attitude make you feel at home. It’s such a small island, but after three years I feel it less new and more familiar. I know places, recognize people, spot the differences. My brother is always a perfect host, ready to fill in the gaps 🙂

Last few days have been rainy, it seems until last saturday weather has been excruciatingly hot, so after a few storms now it’s bearable, I’d even say nice (I’m a hot person – no pun intended – so any temperature above 25C is hot for me).

That means I haven’t been able to shoot much since we landed, but there’s time.

A little time to play with my M-Rokkor 40mm before the rain. I still have to code it and modify it to show 35mm framelines, but it’s an amazing lens.

This morning I had an unexpected visit from a little couple of birds, which seems to love sunflower seeds (even if they’re salty).

I took this picture with my wife’s OMD and a Jupiter-8. Definitely not a bad combination…

See you soon with more Caribbean flavors 🙂


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