Deep in the Caribbean: Playing tourists

Last few days in this marvelous island. This year time passed too fast, I wish we had more time to spend here…

Anyway, we went out to try some panorama shots from Fort St. Louis, which is basically small ruins of an ancient fort that used to protect the town of Marigot from Pirates and English, not necessary in that order 😉

When we arrived it was quiet, nice weather (a little cloudy maybe), but we were alone. Unfortunately, after we took a few shots it started crowding and I had an “issue” with my shoe which made walking a little difficult, so we sat down on a bench and moved from shooting landscape to people, “street style”.

Well, you shoot what catches your eye, right?

Pink Dot

Looking Around

Last year I had more chances to take pictures, but I don’t regret at all the time we spent here. I’d come back anytime 🙂


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