The New X100

I brought my X100 with new firmware 2.0 with me in the Caribbean. I didn’t need to, and in fact I mostly used the M8 with only 2 lenses, and I could have come with 28mm alone.

I learned a few things from this travel: first, if you worry too much about your camera, bring a cheaper one. You will take more pictures and be happier. Second, you’re on holiday, so you’re going to focus on whoever you’re with and enjoy as much as possible. Third, you will look less ridiculous with a waterproof pocket camera on a beach instead of your three-thousand-dollars  Leica…

As much as I was tempted, I didn’t bring my Project P. I should have, as it would have been a better choice. I got the M8 out only twice, for two brief walks, but the best satisfaction was from the X100 at night. This new firmware gives me exactly what I bought this camera for: sharpness, compactness and amazing high iso performance. As much as I love film, there are pictures I could only capture with my X100. That’s why I decided it’s staying 🙂

Nonetheless I feel guilty each time I choose it over the M6, Canonet, OM-4, Mamiya 645 or even M8. Gosh, I have too many cameras 🙂


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