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Happy New Year to all of you!

It’s been a while since my last post. I’m not going to find any excuse about it, I just deliberately decided to stop writing for a while. I felt the quality of my posts was lowering, so I took a long pause thinking how to evolve this site. I haven’t found a satisfactory way to do it, so I’ll probably be on hiatus for a while until I figure this thing out…

Today I’m writing because I finally had the chance to test a new film, a very promising one indeed: it’s Cinestill 800 Tungsten Xpro C-41. Quite a long name, right? Well, it’s a special film, that’s for sure: it comes from Eastman cinema film and it’s tungsten balanced, around 3200K rated ISO800.

It’s an expensive film, not for everyday use, but for interior people shooting it really shines. Even at ISO800 it has a very pleasant grain, well color balanced. I tested it during my happiest moment in 2013, my wedding.

Just to make it clear: I got married with the same lovely woman I married last year,  this time was the religious wedding.

Yours truly, without the hat but a lovely M6 and Japanese Summilux

Yours truly, without the hat but a lovely M6 and Japanese Summilux

Funny story: the day before the event, I went to the restaurant for few final preparations and I had my exposure meter with me, so I measured the location, mostly out of habit. After the ceremony, when we arrived the photograph (a professional we hired) asked me a few questions, you know, the usual ones regarding where to shoot, preferences, group photos and such.

I replied, and added a few details, like “look, down there the ceiling is low and white, so it might be useful for flash bounce” or “in that corner there is a good light, I measured f/2 at 1/25oth ISO800”. He looked at me and said: “it never happened to me that the groom made location briefing for me….”. LOL.

Anyway, back to Cinestill. It still has some green tint, even with vey warm lighting, but it’s quite manageable with little Lightroom settings. An example:


Outdoor, it’s a different story, as either you shot with a filter or you get a real lomo/crosspro effect:

Keilun_Photo-1Sometimes you can fix it, but not always, and you lose something anyway:

Cinestill XPro Adjusted

Overall, I like it. Definitely replacing Portra 400 for interior shooting. Outoor I’m using only Ektar anyway 🙂


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